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The Business of Law made Simple for your Firm.

Cutting-Edge Growth Consulting for Legal Professionals

Grow your Firm. Case Closed. We teach proven business principles to help you grow your firm and earn more revenue without working hundred-hour weeks.

Learn our TOP Methodology and leverage on-demand courses, dedicated consulting, and TOP frameworks & templates to support your Law Firm through each stage of growth.

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Business Consulting
  • Learn the Business of Law
  • Proven Growth Strategies
  • Financial Management

Challenges Firms Face

  • Business Acumen: Law School doesn't teach attorneys how to run a business.

  • Structure & Process: Lack of structure and process keeps attorney's bogged down.

  • Growing the Business: Founders are unsure of how to successfully scale the business.

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Case Study

    Before TOP Law
  • $150

    Underpricing Yourself

  • 100k

    Underpaid Annually

  • 60hrs +

    Long Work Weeks

    After TOP Law
  • $350

    Earn What You Deserve

  • $600k

    TOP 1% Annual Income

  • 40hrs

    Work Normal Hours

"It is so helpful to have someone that has been there and done it before so that they can advise you on how to navigate each stage of growth."
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